Organic Agriculture

Organic Agriculture

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Upholding the philosophy of an organic and healthy lifestyle, Sundee Group is committed to the development of modern agriculture, especially organic farming. It has formed an industrialized development mode integrating organic means of production, organic farm, and processing and sales of organic agricultural products.To develop organic farming, Sundee Group has set up organic planting bases throughout China, covering thousands of acres. Also, it has built agricultural and animal husbandry bases in North America, Oceania, and Europe, covering tens of thousands of hectares. Developing organic agriculture is not only an idea but also a career that requires constant effort. While pursuing healthy and organic production, Sundee Group will promote industrial development and build more green landscapes in carefully selected natural pastures and forests. With unique natural advantages and characteristic ecological environment, the selected places will contribute to establishing a comprehensive system of ecological agriculture and wellness tourism.

Farm in Lisbon, Portugal

Sundee Group’s Lisbon Farm is located in the Alentejo region, Portugal. The region is one of the most beautiful and fertile lands across the European continent. Its capital, Evora, is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists to Europe. It is known as the “California” of Portugal. The climate there is hot and dry. Rich in agricultural products, it is the hottest wine-producing area in Portugal, the country of origin of Portuguese corks, and the birthplace of Presunto.

Ranch in Australia

While gradually expanding its business territory, Sundee Group has successively acquired several pastures in the vast continent of Australia, and the total area has reached tens of thousands of hectares. Besides raising high-quality varieties of cattle and sheep, it has gradually set up the business of planting high-quality fruits and vegetables, making use of the well-reserved ecological environment in the local places. In the future, the group hopes to bring green and organic food to Chinese people’s dining tables.

Farm in Yichun, Jiangxi province

In response to China’s rural revitalization strategy and people-benefiting policies, Sundee Group has built a large farm covering hundreds of acres in Yichun, Jiangxi province. Making use of the local superior geographical environment and rich natural resources, the group aims to develop a characteristic agricultural economy and wellness tourism, so as to fully implement the group’s philosophy of green and ecology-friendly development, further promote local economic development, and help increase farmers’ income.

Farm in Hainan province

Sundee Group has set its strategic development priorities as green ecological agriculture and health and leisure industry. The group has acquired farmlands and forest farms covering hundreds of acres in Hainan province. With Hainan Island’s unique geographical and climatic conditions, Sundee Group has been carrying out characteristic farming projects. It has managed to develop ecological agriculture and health and leisure industry at the same time. Thus the group hopes to help improve people’s health conditions and better guarantee food safety. 

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